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    International Guest Lecture & Designing Research and Community Service – Peneleh Research Institute

    International Guest Lecture & Designing Research and Community Service

    Sunday, January 7th, 2023, PRI has held an International Guest Lecture & Designing Research and Community Service with the theme “The Hidden Agenda: Reframing Public Hatred”. The speakers of this activity were Peneleh International Ambassador to the Netherlands, Akke Mathilde de Jong, QLc, as the guest speaker and PRI Board of Experts, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ari Kamayanti, as the moderator.

    On this occasion, Akke raised a discussion entitled Cultural Prejudice and its Impact on Mind Conditioning: How to Re-educate Yourself”. He explained that to be able to reshape and recondition our mindset for the better; as long as we are ready to look closely at our own motives in contributing to a fairer world, as long as we are ready to do fewer things, rather than hoping that we will automatically get more material benefits, as long as we are willing to overcome our own interests and give compassion to those in need and as long as we remember that we need to work together to preserve our planet. To achieve this, we need to take one step and try to follow that one basic rule: to treat our “neighbor” as we ourselves would like to be treated. It may take a lifetime to practice this single commandment, but it will definitely help us become whole.

    This activity was conducted offline in Malang, East Java and attended by 50 audiences from various regional student organizations, including: Ikatan Pemuda Pelajar dan Mahasiswa Sulawesi Tengah (IPPMST) Malang; Ikatan Kekeluargaan Mahasiswa Pelajar Indonesia (IKAMI) Sulawesi Selatan-Malang; Ikatan Mahasiswa Lamongan Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang (IKAMALA UMM); Ikatan Keluarga Mahasiswa Madapangga (IKAMADAMA) Malang; Ikatan Keluarga Pemuda Mahasiswa Sumbawa (IKPM-S) Malang.

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