International Guest Lecture, 14 August 2022

On Sunday, 14 August 2022, Peneleh Research Institute, International Journal of Religious and Cultural Studies (SINTA 4), in collaboration SMA Islam Bani Hasyim, Circles Indonesia, and World Youth Association held “International Guest Lecture” with the theme “Research and Action in Religious and Spiritual Dimensions”.

This event was attended by over 80 participants, both via zoom and live-streamed in the Youtube. As opening speech, Dhimas Anugrah, the director of Circles Indonesia welcome the participants and concurred that research should glorify God. Quoting Calvin, Dhimas Anugrah believes that the world is the display of the Divine goodness and it is researchers’ obligation to remind others about this Divine presence.

The next opening speech was given by Ari Kamayanti, Chief in Editor of International Journal of Religious and Cultural Studies. International Journal of Religious and Cultural Studies (IJRACS) aims to accommodate scientific writing of philosophical thought and empirical studies covering two main fields, religion and culture, as well as other fields In IJRACS, religions and, as a consequence, religious spirituality are the utmost bases of science. Only with such strong bases that we can produce a harmonious civilization- since there is no religion that teaches hatred or injustice.

International Guest Lecture was given in the first session by Dr. Yogi Simhanath, International Peneleh Ambassador for Nepal, with the moderator Dr (Cand.) AA. Gde Satia Utama. The second guest lecture was given by Dr. Mohd Sukri Hanapi, International Peneleh Ambassador for Malaysia. The second session is lead by Dr. Virginia Nur Rahmanti as moderator.

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